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dryness / bumpy (keratinosis)


Problems on the surface of our skin are often a reflection of the condition of the inside of our body. That is, the integrity of our gut lining, the bacterial populations and amounts that cover this surface and more often than not stem from deficiencies of nutrients essential in maintaining the skins surface. Whatever is happening on the skin is likely happening on the gut, which is why I may recommend gut and stool testing to assist in our treatment. Other testing may include allergy and sensitivity testing and full blood analysis. We’ve all suffered some kind of skin irritation or allergic rash at some point. Our skin is a great messenger indicating when something might be off balance internally whether its allergies, hormones, inflammation or imbalanced gut flora causing the irritation the skin will respond in many ways such as breakouts, hives, rash, sensitivities and discolouration



sustainable fat loss central adiposity

high cholesterol

T2 diabetes

insulin resistance

cardiovascular disease

high blood pressure


fatigue / low energy

cognitive function support


Metabolic conditions can involve any system of the body & often have profound health impacts. Metabolism covers the way the body builds & breaks down stuff & ultimately is how we produce energy- An essential life process!
Nutritional deficiencies/excesses, stress, toxins & trouble absorbing nutrients are common disturbers to the many pathways of metabolism. Naturopathy seeks to identify the root cause of disturbance & restore the health of the system in need. Using a wide variety of tools such as herbal medicine, nutrient therapy & exercise prescription there is a lot to offer these conditions. Some testing may include; Blood glucose & insulin responses, investigating specific organ function, inflammatory markers, microbiome & detoxification metabolites to get a deeper understanding of your present health.





IBD (Crohn's & UC)

bloat / pain


travel bugs

medication side effects

The health of the digestive tract is essential in treating all health conditions and here’s why

The guts holds 80 % of the immune system what we inhale or ingest goes to the gut to be sampled eradicated and memorized by our very own army (gut bacteria and immune cells) we better make sure they’re fit for the job

Many of our hormones are made here especially serotonin (our happy hormone) as well as hormones that control our appetite and fat storage, very important for fat loss

We absorb our nutrients here (small intestine) if this is hindered the flow on effect obviously leads to many nasty/ unwanted symptoms/


Thorough health questioning and potential testing helps us get to the root cause of illness. Testing might include stool analysis and parasitology, liver function testing, hair tissue mineral analysis, breath testing and organic acid testing




menstrual difficulty


recurrent UTIs

coming off pill

menopause management


genital herpes

erectile dysfunction

prostate health


Our hormones are little chemical messengers that are essentially microscopic keys floating through our bloodstream looking for their matching lock. Every cell in the body contains receptors (essentially tiny locks) on its surface. When the hormone finds its matching lock, it binds to the receptor and triggers the cell to do something, such as grow, divide, remove glucose from the blood stream, make you fall asleep, make you wake up, make you feel full, make you feel hungry. They control so many functions within the body and are influenced by many factors such as: Diet and lifestyle imbalances like lack of exercise and deficient nutrition, stress, poor sleep hygiene, genetics, environmental factors, pharmaceutical medications etc. A balanced outlook and thorough examination of your lifestyle will help identify the root causes to your concerns further functional testing may include DUTCH hormone testing, microbiome mapping, genetic testing and detoxification analysis




seasonal allergies

cold & flu support

The respiratory system comprises a series of organs that allow the intake of oxygen and the expulsion of carbon dioxide. There are many components that contribute to the mechanics and proper functioning of this system that you may not have considered including small hairs (cilia) that line the trachea, a protective layer of mucus involved in trapping dust and pathogens as well as the sinus and lungs. Many factors can affect this system such as inhaled environmental pollutants, chemicals, dust, poor breathing style and posture,  workplace chemicals, smoking and drug use, to name a few. Sometimes a deeper cause is at play such as allergy and sensitivity to certain food proteins or environmental components such as rye grass commonly seen seen in asthma and sinus infections. When arriving with a respiratory problem it is likely we will be looking at your gut function in detail and may require testing of gut function and other blood tests that identify the integrity of your immune system. Colds and flu can be nicely supported with food as medicine, herbal medicine to manage short term symptoms and key nutrients for long term prevention

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